NEW! Midsize Essential Setup Monochrome

NEW! Midsize Essential Setup Monochrome

The FAST Cooling FA1217 Midsize Essential Setup, now in monochrome, is your starter kit to staying cool in your racecar. This setup allows versatility and simplicity, without having to permanently install.



Essential Set Up

If you are looking for the essential starter kit cool suit system, this 13 quart Cooler ‘Essential Set Up’ system is the way to go! This system starts with the 13 quart cooler, a marine grade pump, and medical grade fittings to ensure longevity and performance. This system also includes the FAST 8 foot lightweight, double insulated, extruded foam outer hose.

Volume: 13 quart

WARNING: Cooler is not recommended to be used with chemical dry ice.


Choose a FAST Cooling cool suit shirt to go with your system. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FAST SHIRTS!