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Kind Words From Our Friends

“Jill has provided first class service at great prices as long as I have known her and the F.A.S.T line of products, every one of my cars has her complete cooling system, to get out of a car after an hour and a half enduro at the Glen on a very hot summer day and have my competitors comment on how fresh I looked says it all! Clean fresh air to breath as well as a cool core helps you concentrate. The best!”

- Patrick Womack
BMW Driver

“I was one of the drivers of the Chump Car Probe with Bill Riley this weekend at Savannah. It was the first time I had used one of your FAST cool suits. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! I drove Saturday from noon until 2:00, and was able to run as fast at the end of the stint as the beginning. It was the first time I have driven in hot weather that I was not totally drained when I got out of the car.”

- Jim Kasprzak

“Jill’s business has thrived on the basis of extraordinary product and service. However, what is most noteworthy is her knowledge and familiarity with the racing community and it’s members. She excels at networking and connecting people and is always a joy to work alongside.”

- Scott Whitehead

“Jill runs a very clean operation outside of Chicago with a quality product line that keeps an individual cool, comfortable and sharp either in the operating room or within the intensity of motorsports. I have suggested Jill’s products to many friends as it is truly a benefit.”

- Chris Inglot

“Jill is a great person to work with. Our team was well supported by Jill and her company. Thanks Jill, Looking forward to a good 2009 season.”

- Chas Long

“Jill is smart and on-the-ball. She is a long-time business associate and friend, and has always been a tremendous supporter of my racing endeavors.”

- Randy Pobst

“Jill is incredibly bright and talented. She is closely involved with her business and has the skills to run the day to day operations in a way that benefits both her clients and her balance sheet! I would not hesitate to get involved in a business (or friendly!) relationship with her.

- Amy Weiss Thompson

“Jill, Thank you for the outstanding customer service in repairing my FAST Cool Shirt. I very much appreciate not only the very quick repair to the damaged threads holding the tubing, but the fact you did it for no charge amazed me!”

- Rick Bennett

“F.A.S.T. Fresh Air Systems are one of the best companies not only in Motorsport but in business. There are many great products but when you work with an industry leader in what they do it is the quality of the product but most of all customer service. For any driver or mechanic requiring and air system for their Helmet Jill Swanson is the 100% the lady to talk to. When I was at Risi Competizione Racing with Ferrari not only did Jill’s team solve a solution for our drivers but also for our fuelers and fire men with a safety solution on their helmets. “

- Simon Dawson

“A few weeks ago I ordered and installed a basic cool shirt unit through Bimmerworld. On June 1,2 I raced at NJMP with the BMWCCA. I had never used any driver cooling device before. I was blown away, what a difference it makes. Thank you for such a great product and easy installation….why didnt I do this sooner??? – Thank you!”

- Gordy Wagner