Ultra Replacement Cooler

Ultra Replacement Cooler

Need a replacement cooler to lower the temperature of the air flowing to your helmet? This cooler does not include a cool suit and is air only.

The FAST Cooling FA1154 Ultra Replacement Cooler, air only, is a 19 quart single element cooler. It will significantly lower the temperature of the air flowing to your helmet so you can focus on your race.



Replacement Setup

This system starts with the 19 Quart cooler, a marine grade pump, and medical grade fittings to ensure longevity and performance. Inside this cooler is a custom aluminum heat exchanger, which allows you to pack the cooler with ice and water in order to get the highest temperate drop to your helmet. This is a “straight through” unit with fittings on either end.


Single Element vs Twin Element Cooler

Single element consists of one aluminum tube across the bottom of the cooler for the air to travel through with one air entry port on one side of the cooler and the exit port on the other. The twin element has two shorter aluminum tubes along the bottom and are designed for both entry and exit port to be on the same side of the cooler. This set up does not give extra cooling as it is simply for the ease of placement in the car

Volume: 19QT

WARNING: Cooler is not recommended to be used with chemical dry ice.


Hose and blower not included. Choose a FAST Cooling shirt to go with your system.