Midsize Replacement Cooler with Pump

Midsize Replacement Cooler with Pump

The FAST Cooling FA1212 Midsize Replacement cooler, water only, is a 13 quart, cooler with a pump. It will significantly lower the temperature of the air flowing to your helmet.




Replacement Setup

This system starts with the 13 quart cooler, a marine grade pump, and medical grade fittings to ensure longevity and performance. Inside this cooler is a custom aluminum heat exchanger, which allows you to pack the cooler with ice and water in order to get the highest temperate drop to your helmet. This is a “straight through” unit with fittings on either end.

Volume: 13QT

WARNING: Cooler is not recommended to be used with chemical dry ice.


Hose and blower not included. Choose a FAST Cooling shirt to go with your system.