Alpha Cooling Shirt

Alpha Cooling Shirt

The FAST Cooling FA1206 Alpha Wicking Cooling shirt is the newest way to stay cool. Unlike any other FAST Cooling shirt, the Alpha Wicking shirt has the cooling tubes on the inside.  Its material is lightweight, comfortable, and is designed to move moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer as cool as possible.



Unique to the FAST Cooling Alpha Wicking shirt, is the ability to still wear your own shirt or outerwear over the top. The placement of the tubes inside of the shirt, versus our standard cooling shirt, allows not only closer to the body cooling, but more versatility in where and how you wear this cooling shirt. 

With over 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing on the front, back and shoulders, this cool suit shirt will help maintain body temperature, fluid retention and overall focus. Our HANS compatible shirt design provides more tubing than any other manufacturer on the market. All of our cool suits connect to our air and water coolers through quick release medical grade connectors.

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