24 Hours of Lemons Race at Sonoma Raceway

24 Hours of Lemons Race at Sonoma Raceway

F.A.S.T. sponsored the RaceCast.me livestream of the 24 Hours of Lemons race at Sonoma Raceway in March 2017. Anchored by automotive journalists Eric Rood and Bradley Brownell along with Julian Cordle of RaceCast, the team covered all the things that make Lemons the most fun, light-hearted form of endurance racing in the world.

Since Lemons is endurance racing, many drivers opt to use F.A.S.T. cool suits, cool shirts, and helmet blowers to regulate body temperature and stay fresh over long driving stints. While the cars may be cheap, they also retain cabin temperatures and require serious effort to drive for hours at a time.

Consider a F.A.S.T. cool suit setup for your next LeMons, ChumpCar, American Endurance Racing, or any other endurance race!

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